• Now that you are a Wikibookian you can contribute to a Wikibook by editing it. Editing involves...

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  • New or Existing? Try to first contribute toward books that already exist. Consolidating...

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  • The differences between regular books and Wikibooks: Length There is no predefined minimum or...

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  • Wikibooks is a Wikimedia project that was launched in 2003. The project involves collaboratively...

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    Wikibooks  is a Wikimedia project where a group of people can write a book together. That includes you, you can edit a book or create a book right now by clicking on the edit link that appears near the top of each Wikibooks page.

    Wikibooks is very much about being part of a community to get the books as good as they can be. So please feel free to improve or add to the existing content, start new books, and join project-related discussions in the Wikibooks reading rooms.

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